In any kind of wood production, good quality adhesive is most important to ensure that the bonding of the wood pieces will not fall or peel off. The strength of the bonding will determine the sturdiness, quality and performance standard of the finished product.

Available are as follows :

1. Cascamite One Shot

2. Cascamite 501 With HP-200 Hardnener

1. Cascamite One Shot Glue

This glue is perfect for:

2. Cascamite 501 With HP-200 Hardnener

This glue is specially designed for export markets where shipping and handling liquid resin is a major problem.

This glue also:

Our CASCAMITE adhesives are made in an American mill in Malaysia which we have an agency, therefore you can be assured of its production standard to be better than any available glue in the market nowadays. It is also non-toxic and user-friendly in delivering optimum results for wood bonding. What’s more, it is easy to export as it is considered as a dry and non-hazardous cargo as compared to the liquid ones.

Besides the Cascamite, we also have the ability and expertise to provide a very wide range of Adhesives practically for any industrial applications. We can even provide our Experts to advise you to meet your requirements and, if situation demands, our Experts can even be on site to provide their help and supervision for :

Our adhesives are guaranteed by industrial standards and specifications