Decorative Sliced Wood Veneer

With the widest range and combinations given the vast number of Veneer species and substrates available. Mostly used in furniture fabrications, wall paneling, ceiling works, doors, decorative structures indoor in home, office, retail shops and hotels.

Decorative Sliced Wood Veneer laminated on:

Species Available (Click to view):


The following are some projects of tasteful application of decorative veneered plywood:

Grade Substrate Thickness Size Bonding
AA* & AB* Plywood 2.5 to 25mm 4'x8' & 3'x7' MR (Interior) Glue
MDF 2.5 to 25mm 4'x8'
Blockboard 15 to 18mm 4'x8'
Chipboard 9 to 18mm 4'x8'
Veneer Various

* AA first grade, Quarter-cut or Flat-cut at customer's choice, an absolute first class material free of natural and manufacturing defects.

* AB second grade, Quarter-cut or Flat-cut at customer's choice, this grade contains some minor natural defects but not manufacturing defects.