Filmfaced Shuttering Plywood

A product with high performance qualities for the construction industry, is an indispensable panel to provide and attain high re-use and improve concrete appearance of a smooth finish. This is attributed by the special smooth solid film permanently bonded to the panel. The edges of the panel are then sealed with a water -resistant sealant for protection from moisture. Manufactured with tropical hardwood and bonded in phenolic glue, Filmfaced Shuttering Plywood is obviously a strong and durable panel.


For construction formwork in major construction and civil engineering projects. It can also be used for any industrial applications that requires a solid waterproof panel with smooth surfaces.

Handling Information:

The panels should never be dropped, thrown, or lifted with wire slings. They must be carefully stored horizontally and on a flat surface to prevent warping. If the panels are cut, the edges must be sealed again to maintained the properties of the panels. It is advised that after every application, the surface of the panels be thinly coated with a releasing agent or oil.

Thickness Size Film weight Density Bonding Main colour of films
12mm,15mm,18mm,21mm,22mm & 25mm 4'x8' and 1250 x 2500mm 120g/m2 and 240g/m2 Between 650 to 700kg/m3 WBP (Exterior) Glue Dark brown/Black

Other thickness, sizes and colour available on special request.