Marine Plywood

Only durable species and the best quality logs are selected for the production of this special product. The timber has to be in redwood of approximate or even density to ensure uniformity in both appearance and weight, thereby achieving stability of the panel. Natural whole piece veneers are used to ensure that there is no gap in this important panel, a pre-requisite for its use in the marine industry. Very importantly, veneers are bonded with the best quality phenolic glue to provide a bond that meets the 72 hours boiling test for Marine Plywood.

Manufacturing Standard:


Panel Density:


For the marine industry particularly in boat building, special exterior architectural requirements which demands high quality panels that meet stringent standard and high expectations.


Size Thickness Bonding
4'X8'. Quotation on other sizes available on special request. 4mm(3 PLIES),
6mm(5 PLIES),
9mm(5 PLIES),
12mm(7 PLIES),
15mm(7 PLIES),
18mm(9 PLIES),
25mm(11 PLIES).
Quotation on other thickness available on special request.
Phenol Formaldehyde