Decorative Paper Overlay

Laminated on:

A fairly cheap and low costs product and yet able to beautify your office, your home, or practically anywhere that requires the wall or ceiling to be decorated with many wood grains and designs to choose from. Paper Overlay is available in almost all major exotic species, you have a choice of the panel either with grooves or without grooves. You also have a choice , i.e. in plywood or MDF, the latter being a cheaper product for those who wants to stay economical.

Thickness Size Bonding
3mm & 3.6mm
Other Thickness available on special request.
4'x8', 4'x9',4'x10' MR (Interior) Glue


For decoration of wall, ceiling and even production of low costs furniture. For wall decoration installation is simple and we can provide the necessary information upon request.

Designs-wood grains and others: