(High Pressure Laminates or HPL)

The Italian's and Japanese Laminates are synonymous with quality for years, but they are also known to be expensive products. Our Laminates may not have an illustrious name, but it is already a proven product for quality, and yet only half the price or less you pay for famous brands. Manufactured by a reputable mill, and with stringent quality control among other criteria, it has attained ISO9002 which speaks volumes for its product and reputation.

We have one of the widest range of colours and designs to choose from, and for customers who require special designs, our mill is prepared and equipped with facilities to match any designs given.

Thickness can be anything from 0.4mm to 25mm and even beyond on special requests. Besides the usual Laminates, we can also supply in special bendable type as well as Laminates for special applications.

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For surface finishes, either on plywood or MDF. Commonly in carpentry, laminates are used for finishing table tops, exteriors of cabinets and exposed edges. With all the available choices, finishing with laminates can drastically alters the exteriors of furniture.